May 28, 2013

End of season quiz controversy

our penultimate show of the 2012/2013 season decends in to chaos once our Quiz's start ! download and have a listen for your self .

Thanks for Listening


May 27, 2013

Ross Bell Interview Special

its interview time again and this week its the turn of motp host Ross Bell , Enjoy


May 25, 2013

Leeds United - Season Review

The Leeds United Season Review Podcast is now live and available.

This is the first podcast on the scene to review Leeds United's 2012/13 season. We take a look at the season's highs and lows, discuss players, managers, signings, our expectations for next season's adventure and much much more!

Andy Cameron and Ben Dixon, join Man On The Post weekly podcast hosts Ross Bell and Colin Sowerby on the podcast panel for this Man On the Post Leeds United Special.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the download link on the right hand side of this webpage, or subcribe to Man On The Post via iTunes.

Man On The Post is a free weekly podcast that discusses all the football highlights (and lowlights) of the past week together with fun quizzes and a betting section. This site also features regular football related articles that you might find interesting.

So why not get yourself down to the iTunes store and subscribe now!

You can contact Man On The Post via Twitter @manonthepost and via email

The Twitter accounts of the Leeds United Season Review Podcast are:

Ross Bell @rossbell1984 Andy Cameron @Foowhiter / @TheLS27 Ben Dixon @BenjiDixon17 Colin Sowerby @cas707


May 25, 2013


Don't forget to delete your current subscription and re subscribe to enable you get all the new man on the post podcasts as we have switched our hosting site


May 23, 2013

Greg Kitchin Interview Special

Ross and Greg sat down for a short chat so you can get inside the head of Greg , its a scary place


May 21, 2013

Don’t Mention Rebecca Loos

on this weeks podcast we discuss all the latest football news we round up a uneventful final week in the Premier League and we talk about Retirements

all this and more so download it now


May 17, 2013

Tom Larner Interview Special

Ross and Tom sat down for a chat so you guys can find out more about the man behind the hate


May 13, 2013

Nice with ice

on this weeks podcast we talk about SAF and his Replacement David Moyes , along with all the other managerial changes that have happened this past week , we also discuss a full action packed week of football . so download it now for a jolly good time

make sure you re subscribe to your man on the post feed in itunes guys


May 10, 2013


Hey guys , we have moved podcast servers over to libsyn to keep getting the man on th epost podcast you enjoy just go to the itunes market place and re subscribe to us this will give you the new feed and enable you to hear all the future podcasts that we do . thank you and keep listening


May 6, 2013

Maths Is Difficult

on this weeks podcast we talk about Snapbacks , English Keepers , awful bets and round up the last week of regular play in the championship



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